US Commercial Financing

US commercial financing industry will persever and pull out of rescession.

Discount Capital Corp. has packages especially designed for American companies who have been hit hard by the current economic recession. We understand the troubles of obtaining the financing your business needs to survive. That is why we have worked to provide lending to all domestic commercial industries.


excavator financing

Equipment Leasing

Discount capital Corporation provides equipment leasing to companies looking to finance equipment their business needs. Leasing allows you to purchase the equipment you need today while saving your capital for other business needs.


franchise financing

Franchise Funding

How often have you seen a franchise opportunity that you would love to take, however you dont have the capital to take it on. We can finance everything from the purchase of the franchise, renting a location, business supplies, and even advertising and marketing!


Solar Panel financing


Refinancing your business's equipment can save you thousands every year. By paying off your companies existing debt you can begin to invest in expanding your business. Take advantage of the commercial credit that Discount Capital can provide.